ePublishing Works (ePW) authors enjoy an 80% to 85% royalty payout—the largest royalty payout percentage made by any publisher in the industry, today.

Still, we sometimes get the question "is ePW worth it"?

Here's the short answer: ePW takes care of making money for authors so they can do what they do best: write the next book that readers will love.

How important is that next book? If you attend author conventions (and even if you don't) you've likely heard "your money is in your next book". Given the expectations of today's reader and the continually expanding sea of 5+ million ebooks, keeping your readers in fresh content (two to three new books a year) is more important than ever.

Writing like that takes time.

But that's the simple answer.

So, what do you really get from ePW? Here's the short list.

  • Sales copy development.
  • Focus Group evaluation of cover and copy.
  • World-wide distribution of your books via our well-negotiated eRetailer contracts which place your books inside Kindle Unlimited--without being subject to Amazon exclusivity, KENPC or Global Fund--while your books are also available at all other eRetailers and 100s of Libraries.
  • One year assetless preorder period, which allows your book to earn money while you write it.
  • Review gathering, making your new-release promotable, faster.
  • A marketing team who actively promotes your books to eRetailers, promo venues, and via social media.
  • Promotion campaign development. (we acquire 5 to 6 Bookbubs every month)
  • Ever-expanding expertise that allows us to do all of the above while keeping an eye on what's coming/changing/shifting, and positioning your books (and your next book) for maximum exposure.

    All while paying out 80% to 85% to our authors... and we only get paid when we succeed.

    If you are a career-minded author who knows that your money and your writing future is in having the time to write you next book, then ePW may be for you.